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Martina Rosa

, Martina Rosa

Martina qualified in Dentistry in 2004(cum laude). She then completed in 2006 a postgraduate study, attending the Master of Science in Endodontics in Bologna (Italy).

In 2004 she established a general dental practice in Italy and became familiar with the management aspects of the dental profession. In 2010 she moved to London with her family and has been working since then as a dental practitioner with Special Interest in Endodontics. Her main area of expertise is root canal treatment. The aim of root canals is to clean deep infections inside the tooth to take patients out of pain and retaining functional teeth. She is keen on improving the patient’s oral health with an empathic approach. She also feels confident in providing general dental treatments, always with gentle and kind manners. She is a curious learner and She regularly revalidate her knowledge attending dental meetings.

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