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New Cone Beam CT Scanner

River Lawn Dental & Implant Centre are delighted to inform you of a new service which we can offer to referring dentists. A recent installation of the Cranex 3D cone beam CT scanner has added a whole new dimension to digital diagnostic dentistry. Traditional CT scanners have evolved for analysing large areas within the body and subsequently the radiographic dose is higher. The Cranex 3D has been designed specifically for dentistry to focus on smaller areas. It is now much easier to justify taking these 3-dimensional images as they represent approximately 70% of the radiation dose as a standard OPG.

There are many applications for these 3-dimensional images such as planning for implants and minor oral surgery. The image resolution is also good enough to assess complex root canal systems before or after endodontic treatment. Another advantage of this product is that the software for viewing the images is distributed free of charge. You can therefore view and manipulate these images from your own practice. The focused Field Of View technology will allow for specific areas to be examined.

If you think this service would be an advantage to your own practice and would like to discuss this further then please give me a call. Alternatively if you would rather see the machine in action then we will happy to arrange this for you.

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